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P R Narvekar is one of the pioneer artists of our times in the country who has created an optimum quality of magnetism through his artworks inspired by the very mundane yet universal feelings of life and living, their variable shades, their uncountable emotional layers and their endless tales that lead to the progression of the human civilization. Like a palette of colours, P R Narvekar is the champion in generating the palette of life sewed with the hues of timeless beauty contrasting with the kind of a steepening opposition of invigorating darkness.   With years of experience and profound potential of execution, Narvekar has developed his own identity following a trail of tradition assimilated with the universal approach to modernity, thereby breathing new life into his local concepts and lifting them up for a global appeal. Through the creation of a particular form in the figurative style, and using two distinctive colours in monochromes, the ochre and the black, Narvekar has majestically given birth to an artist’s innermost feelings that revolve in the subconscious state of mind as well as sprout from the unconscious state of our being that is easily perceptible and identifiable by the common viewer and critically appreciated by the intellectuals. The concentrated darkness in the shade of black that form the colour tone of the figures in contrast to the yellow ochre shade of their attire, their face and the eyes can be considered as metaphors for darkness and gloominess and immense hardship that surround us at every moment yet the glistening glow in the eyes and on the faces reflect the power of cutting across all agonies and surpassing every sorrow with the greater hope of being alive and the joy of living.


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